Social April 2016

On Sunday April 10 was held the third Social Tournament of the year in Añoreta Golf.

2 indistinct categories were established based on the number of participants (40jugadores). The top 3 finishers in each category won prize and the winner of each category, got 10% off the annual green fee in Añoreta Golf in 2017.

The winner of the first category of Social April Tournament , with 37 Stableford points was Carlos Acevedo, while second category has achieved victory Francisco Garcia with 36 Stableford points.

The top 3 finishers in each category:

1st Category:

1st place: Carlos Acevedo with 37 Stableford points.

2nd place: Lourdes Molina with 36 Stableford points.

3rd place: Mario Muñoz with 35 Stableford points.

2nd Category:

1st place: Francisco Garcia with 36 Stableford points.

2nd place: Alberto Bueno with 36 Stableford points.

3rd place: Alcides Oliveira with 35 Stableford points.

Thank you very much to everyone s participants.

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